Festival of light show «Fire and Ice»

«Fire and Ice» is an annual all-Russian festival of extreme arts. Held since 2012, the Festival annually brings together representatives of the fire community from the most remote corners of our country.



«Fire and ice» is a festival-contest, where performers are locked in rivalry for the title of best in the art of dealing with POI, fans, staff, double staff and other props. The difference between «fire and Ice» from «Hot heart»?

«Fire and ice» is a light festival. It presents all the riot of colors of led props is not only shells that can be strongly manipulated, but also led costumes, sets, and siteregistry. A creator of the festival is Valentina Sharapova.

Videos of the presentations from the qualifying rounds and gala concerts for all the years of the festival can be viewed on our channel TheFreedomChnl

Festival of VK